LS3 Expedition Flight Plans

31 Mar 2022

It’s nearly here! The first Waypoint will be released tomorrow, April 1st 3308 (2022)! The first Mass Jump is scheduled for Sunday April 3rd, 3308 (2022) and will take place just outside Schwann Port in the Hajangai system.

Waypoints will be released to the Expedition Fleet each Friday at around 1600 UTC on the website and in the #ls3-announce channel on Discord.

The details for each waypoint announcement will include the following:

  1. Next Waypoint location
  2. Points of Interest for the next week
  3. Any relevant Fleet Carrier details for the week
  4. The weekly Waypoint Meetup location

Each Waypoint will have an associated meetup on the Sunday following the announcement of the next Waypoint. We will have two different meetups planned, one in European evening hours and one in the evening hours of the Americas. Please join the meetup most convenient for you! The standard times are below, changes will be posted as needed:

RegionMeetup TimeMass Jump Time
Europe1900 UTC2000 UTC
Americas2300 UTC0000 UTC

Meetups are entirely optional, but are great fun and a chance to hang out with everyone and brag about how many Icy Bodies you scanned that week!

Waypoint Meetups will be conducted in Private Groups administrated by members of The Fatherhood. Feel free to fly the expedition in whatever game mode you wish, however in order to participate in Meetups you will need to be in one of our Private Groups. In order to join the Private Group associated with your platform, you will need to send an in-game request to join one of the below players’ Private Groups:

PlatformPrivate Group Contact

If you have questions please ask in the #ls3-lounge in Discord.