Lost Souls 2 Act 3 – Waypoint 2

10 Jan 2020

La Vita Nuova

System name

Phreia Flyou FG-V d3-116


Distance to waypoint





This system with 3 Earth like worlds was discovered by the South Western Expedition. The system is located 6,140 Ly north-west of Colonia. There are 5 planets which orbit each other; A binary pair of Earth like worlds is orbited by another Earth like world, which is orbited by a High metal content world, which is orbited by a Water World.

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be the nearby system Phreia Flyou LM-Q C7-2Surface signal: Geological [3] on planet 10 a. This system is around 18ly away from the waypoint system, and features plenty of canyons for those that have SLFs with them.

POI’s Along the Way

The Zebra – A black-white striped class IV gas-giant with a striking zebra-like texture.

The Mighty – Planet 4 in this system is a heavy metal content world with 96.6 earth masses and a staggering 9.9 G of gravity – and suitable for landing.

A tourist beacon exists for this planet, but even the most experienced pilot should think twice about taking passengers!

Yin Yang Nebula – This nebula is divided in a dark and light part. The stars within the light part are predominantly blue, while the stars within the dark part are predominantly red. This Region of space is as as close to a stellar nursery as you are gonna get and is a waypoint for the Sagittarius-Carina Mission. The surrounding stars have a wealth to be explored – you litterally could spend months here. Most of the stars yield many various planets both with and without atmospheres and those that are landable on initial survey yield a high wealth in materials.

The Uthat Nebula (Ishimur) – Named the “Uthat Nebula”, Wepio od-b e68 has a blue hourglass pattern planetary nebula surrounding a black hole called Ishimur, it was first discovered by CMDR Pilot Mark. It was named by CMDR AuraTheBatPone, after the Tox Uthat.

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