2 Mar 2022

Gather around fellow CMDRS, for I have a story to tell.
Once upno a time CMDRs Legion and Lornaki got themselves a bugged combat zone.
The usual kind, where friendlies do not spawn right away, but arrive in a minute or so.
Only this time they didnt and our brave pilots were stuck in a Combat Zone full of hostile ships led by a captain.
They killed captain, then killed the correspondents that arrived to film their imminent demise and were both down to 30-40% hull without any shield, facing around 15 hostile ships and halfway finished fight.
They were ready to fight to the end and rebuy, when suddenly green signatures appeared on the radar.
Lots of green ships with cmdr Abugh leading them.
So, for his timely arrival and resque of his fellow comrades, veterans granted Abugh callsign “Cavalry”.
“Gentlemen, the Cavalry has arrived!”