30 May 2023

It was the Aftermath War. 16 billion humans were displaced or murdered by the Thargoid invaders.

Steven Schliemann sought to help, hearing the plight of so many souls lost. Wounded needed aid, refugees caught without much needed supplies. He loaded his carrier with fruit, veggies, fish, and other supplies and sent out on a quest to keep everyone fed. As demand shifted, Steven found himself with 6,000 metric tons of fish. After a couple months, Steven still had 4,000 tons he couldn’t dispose of; Asking at times, “Got fish missions?” in an attempt to dispose of his spoiled goods. The pungent smell of his carrier a common complaint amongst his staff and visitors.

Even today, he still may have fish in stock. Who could have guessed that people fleeing war didn’t want a fish?

He made them an offer, and they refused. And for such, he shall be known as Codfather.