26 May 2021

Cmdr pin72 “Denied” had an expensive day that day. Instead of exploring he decided to camp in the bubble until Odyssey was released. While out working on his combat rating, he picked up a 50m odd credit mission to fight a bunch of pirates and a few mission on the side.

Well, he got all 50+ pirates, but still needed to collect his mission rewards. En route, he dropped into a planetary base and in about 30 seconds his ‘vette is destroyed, and he’s rebuying at a detention center.

What’s a poor CMDR to do but try again? Before he even managed to get to ask for landing clearance, he’s back at the detention center. Even after visiting an interstellar factor to clear his name, he found nothing — no bounty.

One more try at the planetary base and… dead again. Finally looking at the base in Inara he discovers the base is managed by the pirates he’d been hunting and he was no longer welcome at their base! 90m credits in rebuy down the drain. So much for that 50m credit haul.