25 May 2021

CMDR Bennerz (AKA CMDR Ben) blew up a Beluga while failing passenger missions in LP 417. He claims he didn’t realize how fragile they were and asked for some advice on how to bring the hull down in a more controlled manner.

The ever helpful CMDR “Jailbird” Jack_Harper offered this choice advice:

“Attention passengers, we will now be grinding against the station communications array. Please sit in a calm, orderly fashion as we listen to the lovely sounds of metal on metal.”

Unfortunately, to avoid blowing up, just take it slow.

CMDR Ben replied:

It was my first time… the excitement got to me. I couldn’t contain myself or take it slow… and then… Pop! All over and done with in a nanosecond.

Congratulations CMDR Ben “Grinder”