Monkey King

9 Aug 2022

Pustolio is a miner. If he is playing he is mining. He learns all he can regarding the mining loop, makes millions and millions of credits and then he gives all that knowledge, time, and money away to his fellow squad mates (just to get them into their dream ships). We thought it’s time he was rewarded for his efforts. And we thought his callsign should reflect the facts that: he only ever mines, will take on new miners and spend hours by their side (walking them through everything they need to know), and then will turn around and just give away those funds earned, from months of hard game play.
Most recently a new squad member asked, “Can we be his monkeys for awhile to learn?”. Of course! Pustolio lives to help and always seems to have a tribe of us “mining monkeys” following him about, scratching our head, as we try to learn from one of the best miners (and squad mates) a person could ask for. This makes him a true King amongst monkeys.