10 Nov 2022

On the Lost in Space expedition, CMDRs Sheehy and Tichro successfully managed to put Tichro’s SRV into geosynchronous orbit while Gaulkahn and Disco Whitefang were observing. We decided to attempt to redirect the SRV back toward the moon from which it launched from to see if he could land it (or to be there to name the crater after him). At about 25km above the surface, Sheehy had to leave Gaulkahn and Disco Whitefang unattended, and shortly thereafter, Gaulkahn experienced some… technical difficulties… His DBX accelerated out of control and clipped Tichro, sending him spinning back into the void. After about 30 minutes of trying to “catch” and rescue him, we all decided it was time to write it off, at which point, Gaulkahn and Disco Whitefang took turns attempting to ram him at high speeds and eventually blew the SRV up. In honor of this adventure, the Veterans have decided that from now on, CMDR Tichro will be known as “Piñata”