5 Jan 2022

Many of us first met CMDR “Senpai” Kenzenichi like we meet many of our fellow CMDRs, in the Discord swapping stories. All of us can remember our first time meeting the squadron and despite how incredibly nice everyone is, it can still be a little intimidating at first. But for Senpai, it was like he had always been there, and talking to him was like talking to an old friend you hadn’t seen in years and the two of you were just picking up where you left off. He could regale you with tales from his youth and wow you with stories from last week and you always came away from the conversation having learned something. This was true when flying with him as well because he was always improving and experimenting. His favorite game was to ride your butt in the haz res and if he wasn’t winged with you, steal your kills, until he got bored of that and just started shooting you instead. His martial arts experience led to the creation of the Grading, a Blue Squadron tradition of testing the mettle of a newly minted Combat Elite pilot. His and CMDR “Bridesmaid” Aequfire’s constant competition to convince other pilots which ship was the superior combat vessel, the Chieftain or the FDL led to many a pitched PvP battle in the pirate hunting grounds of -redacted-. He is willing to help anyone who asks with advice, a wingmate, or even a cool billion credits if you need it, which is why he was made a squadron Vanguard. Safe to say you will leave any encounter with Senpai with a smile… unless he decided to blow up your Chieftain, even then you will still probably smile.