17 Mar 2022

He complained about it taking too long for everyone to get to Colonia. He was told to wait because the group was headed out to Colonia for the Community Goal, but he went ahead and suicided back to the bubble anyways, thinking he would at least get the Alcor Community Goal done and catch a ride with one of us back to Colonia. Except we left already.

Despite a crazy work schedule though, he pulled off a return on the neutron highway (his first neutron jumps ever) and even managed to get enough loads delivered in Colonia to get into the 75% before hitting the hay. Completing both Community Goals would have been a cakewalk for him if he would have followed advice, but he still managed to do it. Even it if was the absolute hardest way possible. And because of that “My way” attitude and the fact that he…”Did It My Way”, the @Veterans have bestowed the Call Sign “Sinatra” to CMDR Billhelm_IV.