15 Jun 2022

Black as night, black box, black eye, black listed, black swan, back in black, Baa baa black sheep…
These common expression have always conjured specific impressions. But that all changes once you start flying with Cmdr Fáelán. Fáelán has a rather single minded focus when it come to keeping his entire reality one single monochromatic shading scheme, black. If it’s not black, he won’t fly it. If it’s not black, he won’t wear it. Heck I’m pretty sure the only things he’ll even eat are black beans, blackened catfish, and the black heart of any a hapless space weenie that dares cross his path. It makes sense given his shadowy proclivities. For him stealth is King. And once you’ve been exposed to his near fetish like devotion, you’ll never be able to look at the word, the colour or even the Verse, the same again. Because the next time you find yourself apprehensively squinting out into the vast darkness of space, you’ll be thinking, “Is that Fáelán out there?” So, his squad mates took it upon themselves to add a little colour to his life by knighting him “Skittles”.