This Is Fine

25 May 2021

CMDR I Am Bob Dobbs was getting ready for a Colonia cruise by getting in good with the engineers. He heard an engineer needed sensor fragments and set out to collect them from a Thargoid site. Filling up his ship with about twenty-five sensors, he started heading back to his carrier. While flying back, his ship starts disintegrating at an alarming rate. The canopy busted open and he barely landed in time with no HUD.

After jumping his carrier to the engineer’s system, he flew over to their base from the host star. His ship began falling apart again–an even closer call than last time. Once again, he barely docked with no canopy, no HUD, and less than 30 seconds of life support left.

Going to turn in the sensors, he discovered he was short by four sensors, and he’d been gathering Thargoid sensors the whole time. He took off from the engineers, dumping all the Thargoid sensors buy one above the pad. Of course, that earned him a littering fine.

He started the return trip to the Thargoid site in his DBX, leaving his carrier behind. On the way, he got hyperdicted by three Thargoids, his first encounter ever. They shut him down, scanned him, and left for better things. Eventually he got his sensor fragments and got serviced by the engineer.

To this day, he’s kept one of the Thargoid sensors on his carrier as a reminder of the whole crazy affair.