Lost Souls 2 Act 1 – Waypoint 8

13 Dec 2019


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…and so ends Act 1!

Colonia marks the final waypoint of Act 1 of the expedition. Over the next few weeks, we will provide details of events for expedition members to take part in during the Christmas vacation, before departing again in early January.


Colonia became a hive of activity during mid-3302 after the discovery by CMDR Cly of Jaques Station following the starports misjump to Beagle Point earlier that year. It is located on the edge of the galactic core regions, where the Near 3kpc Arm and Far 3kpc Arm converges with the Galactic Bar.

Its original designation was EOL PROU RS-T D3-94, but was added to the Galactic Mapping Project on July 1st 3302 as a POI (unofficially) named “Colonia”, and the name was quickly adopted by the exploration community. The name subsequently became official via Universal Cartographics (Frontier Developments) several weeks later in recognition of the CCN (Colonia Citizens Network) community initiatives to name and colonize the region.

When people refer to ‘Colonia’ it may have several meanings depending on how broadly the term is being used.

In its most narrow sense, it may refer only to the Colonia system itself – this is the star system where Jaques Station is located.

The star system has in turn given name to the nebula it is located within – the Colonia Nebula – and in a broader sense, ‘Colonia’ may refer to all the inhabited systems within this nebula.

POI’s Along the Way

Hole In The Sky – A black hole inside a dark blue planetary nebula, which is in turn inside a large, dense cluster of bright blue stars. This is unusual amongst planetary nebulae in that its central remnant has already captured some extrasolar planets.

Location contains a tourist beacon.

Scrithworld – The first planet in this system is one of the hottest landable planets ever registered. Orbiting a B III Giant at a distance of only 29 ls – the surface temperature is a whopping 3919K! At this temperature any normal world-forming minerals or elements should be liquid at the very least, and most should be gaseous. And yet, there’s a landable surface! Clearly the surface must be made of something like ‘Scrith’ – that must be what the other 9.8% of its composition is… (source)

Sugar Stick – This unusual pink/purple supernova remnant contains a black hole orbited by several gas giants with moons. There are F V, K V, and M V stars in the system too that are orbiting the barycentre rather than the black hole itself and provide illumination for the planets and moons.

Commander Safety

After 26kly of being out in the Black, we now return back to civilisation. In many regards, Colonia is similar to the Bubble, in that the threat of hostile actvitiy is always present. Be vigilant when jumping to populated systems and landing at the starports!


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