Lost Souls 2 – Mass Launch Times

22 Oct 2019

To celebrate the start of the Lost Souls 2 expedition this coming Saturday, we are inviting expedition members to join us for two mass jumps as follows:


26th Oct | 20:00 UTC
26th Oct | 21:00 BST
26th Oct | 22:00 CEST

North America

26th Oct | 17:00 PST
26th Oct | 20:00 EST
27th Oct | 00:00 UTC

The mass jumps will take place outside Schwann Port in the Hajangai system, and will be coordinated within dedicated Private Groups. We ask that any members looking to join the mass jumps:

  • Submit Private Group applications no later than 1 hour before launch so that they can be accepted in time:
  • Log on and be present in the Hajangai system 30mins before the departure time so that we can ensure we get as many commanders in the same instance as we can!

If you have any questions prior to departure then please drop in to our Discord server.