Lost Souls 2 Act 1 – Waypoint 4

15 Nov 2019

Guardian ruins – Skaudai sites

System name

Skaudai AM-B d14-138

Planet AB 7 A

Distance to waypoint



This system contains the first Guardian ruins discovered in the Scutum-Sagittarii Conflux.

Guardian history tells of “Exiles”, who were banished when religious orders took over their society. The unexpected discovery of the ruins in the Skaudai sector has lead to speculation among xenohistorians as to wether these out of the way locations could be the final resting place of these exiles (source).

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be the Guardian Ruins Site 68.

POI’s Along the Way

Rusty Net – A visually striking planetary nebula along the Colonia Connection Highway. The neutron star at its center provides a welcome boost to long-distance travel, but taking a pause from your journey to admire the view is well worth it. The deep-red stellar remnant, aptly named “The Rusty Net,” has caught within it a G-class secondary with two life-bearing water worlds and two rocky terraformables.

Ellaisms Remnant – A typical double-lobed blue planetary nebula surrounding a neutron star, the result of a supernova approx. 296 million years ago. Life has managed to survive through this cataclysm; the fourth planet is a life-filled water world.

Collection of Wonders – One of the most extraordinary systems in the entire galaxy. It contains two black holes, a ringed M-class star, a ringed white dwarf, and a ringed neutron star. The M-class star is one of the largest known stellar bodies containing a ring system. A tourist beacon is set up near the M-class star.

Galactic Helium Reserve – A twin Herbig Ae/Be system that contains a record 23 Helium-rich gas giants. As of 09/02/2019 this is the single largest known collection of helium-rich gas giants. Discovered by The Fatherhood’s very own Leesti.

Guardian Sites – Locations


  • Type: Beta 1
  • Orbital Body: AB 7 A
  • Coordinates: -37.81 / 10.48

Site 69:

  • Type: Gamma 1
  • Orbital Body: AB 7 A
  • Coordinates: -49.67 / -69.62

Site 92:

  • Type: Gamma 2
  • Orbital Body: AB 7 A
  • Coordinates: -37.82 / 10.50

% of Leg Completed


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