Lost Souls 2 Act 1 – Waypoint 6

29 Nov 2019

Blua Hypa Glowing Green Giant

System name

Blua Hypa HT-F d12-1226

Planet 1

Distance to waypoint



There is a special subvariety of life-bearing gas giant that is particularly rare, and interesting: they glow green. Bright green. Radioactive, fluorescent green, bright enough to be seen from space. They are the Glowing Green Giants (GGGs).

One can speculate about the cause. As this fluorescent green colouration only ever occurs on life-bearing worlds, the presence of life must be a causal factor. But since the vast majority of life-bearing worlds are not fluorescent green in colour, it is not merely the presence of microscopic airborne lifeforms that is the causal factor. Unfortunately, the numbers of such worlds that have been fully documented is still staggeringly low: only five of then have been reported on publicly-available sources to date. Further examples will be required for any statistically significant study as to the collective origins of this peculiar phenomenon.

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be Surface signal: Geological (1) on planet 1. Be warned – this planet has a gravity of 1.57G – so be careful on your descent!

POI’s Along the Way

The Crux – A tight binary pair of pulsars with a third pulsar also, in a tight orbit with jets point perpendicularly to the binary pair. When viewed from a particular angle it looks like a cross, hence the name “The Crux.”

Twilight Paradise – An earth-like moon situated on the far orbit of the neutron star. Lying in eternal nightfall after the death of the parent star, it reminds us of the fragility of our mother Earth.

Colonia Connection Highway

Caravanserai in the Gandharvi system is the nearest station, situated almost 1,327ly from the waypoint Base Camp.

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