Lost Souls 2 Act 1 – Waypoint 7

6 Dec 2019

Voqua AA-A h177

System name

Voqua AA-A h177

Star AB 7

Distance to waypoint




This system is another stellar phenomenon in the same vein as the Collection of Wonders. In this system are no fewer than 4 black holes, a ringed neutron star and a ringed K-class star. The rings of the K-class star are also rare: they start at a distance of just over 40ls away from the star itself, and are so fine that they are not visible from super cruise.

Expedition Base Camp

For this waypoint there will be no planetary base camp. Instead, we are encouraging commanders to meet up within the rings of the neutron star –Voqua AA-A h177 AB 7

POI’s Along the Way

Blue Ink in Pink -A beautiful little nebula with a black hole in its heart. Looking at it from the right angle it looks like a few droplets of blue ink had just been dropped into pink ink and are now blossoming and slowly disipating and mixing with the pink. Frozen in eternity at just the right moment. More surprising is that this little gem lies on the way from Sol to the Colonia domain and was only ever visited by two comanders before.

Diamond Necklace – Not far off of the Colonia connection highway, the fifth body of this septuple system wears an ornate and valuable necklace. On the necklace are two white pearls (Class II Giants), a navy blue sapphire (WWTFC), and two gorgeous diamonds (ELW’s). A truly rare combination of two ELW moons in the same system, with one of the ELWs also being ringed (source).

Cat’s Perch Nebula – A fairly large nebula located approximately 3,000 LYs above the Colonia Corridor. It is one of the nebulae situated highest above the galactic plane and thus offers a commanding view of the milky way. Easy to reach but otherwise rather barren.

Colonia Connection Highway

Vihara Gate in the Kashyapa system is the nearest station, situated just over 894y from the waypoint system.

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