New PC Exploration Squadron

10 Jul 2019

7726: The Fatherhood – Pioneers

With the increasing growth in members in our PC squadron, we have now implemented a second squadron dedicated to explorers: The Fatherhood – Pioneers.

We are encouraging all members currently in the main PC squadron who are mostly explorers to leave and join this squadron. There are two reasons for this:

  1. To consolidate all of our PC explorers into a single community;
  2. To create space in our main squadron to allow new members to join and to benefit from the experience and knowledge of our existing members.

Building a presence in Colonia

In conjunction with the new squadron, we are also looking to build a community of The Fatherhood members out in Colonia. Not only is Colonia an excellent staging post for deep galactic exploration, but as an organisation, The Fatherhood is keen to start contributing in a positive way to the development of this small but important community.

To this effect, TolaGarf’s Junkyard has been selected as the Colonia base of operations for the Pioneers, and I myself have started out on the 22kly journey to our new home. I look forward to seeing some of you there!