This Weekend: the Pup Cup!

24 Apr 2019

This weekend, two of our members – Azzbo27 and Crzyrazr – will be taking part in a very special race: the Pup Cup!

Start: Hajangai, home of The Fatherhood.

End: Beagle Point, at the furthest northern fringe of the Galaxy.

The winner will simply be the one who arrives first!

Azzbo27 Viper MkIV (Sifi NI-Q d6-2)

2,089.94 ly
Hajangai50%Beagle Point(63,257.22 ly)

Crzyrazr Cobra MkIII (Hlin)

16.58 ly
Hajangai50%Beagle Point(65,330.58 ly)

It’s all for charidee, mate!

During their race, Azzbo27 and Crzyrazr are looking to raise money for charities close to their heart:

Azzbo27 – CALM

Crzyrazr – DBSA

Anybody wishing to donate money to these very worthwhile causes can do so through the dedicated gofundme site.

Watch the Race Live

Both CMDRs will be streaming their efforts live on twitch:

Watch live video from olddadgaming on
Watch live video from crzyrazr on