3 Oct 2021

Yet again, distractions get the better of people.

Cmdr Xaphanium, whilst out on a trip to the shards with other members of Green Squadron to collect raw materials, found out that the newly awarded Salvation AX weapon was a bit ‘too’ powerful.
As such, they decided to drop everything and rush back to the bubble, to get their hands on this new engineered weapon in an attempt to make some easy creds towards the Fleet Carrier of their dreams. Of course, being 1500+ly out meant getting back wasn’t going to be quick in the ship they’d brought along. So, after a little looking around, they managed to get hold of a cheap DBS/X and proceeded to suicidewinder back to the bubble to partake in some Goid hunting.

The Veterans of The Fatherhood made their decision that this was worthy of the CS “Cartman”. As, in the words of Cartman himself
“?@$!* you guys, I’m going home”